Terra Rubra Lions Club About Us

What's a Lions Club?
A Lions Club is a group of your neighbors who come together to help those who are in need of assistance in our community, our nation, and the world. The Terra Rubra Lions Club is based in northwest Carroll County, Maryland. As with all Lions Clubs, we're part of Lions Clubs International, an association of local chapters just like ours, who together form the largest service organization in the world. For more information on Lions Clubs International, please visit the Lions Clubs International Web Site.
What's "Terra Rubra"?
In Latin, terra rubra literally means "red earth." It refers to the distinctive red soil of northwest Carroll County and nearby Frederick County, MD. It's also the name of the local estate where Francis Scott Key, author of The Star-Spangled Banner, was born in 1779. When our club was chartered in 1966, we chose to take our name from the historic Terra Rubra estate. (By the way, the Key family lent its name to several communities in the area including Keymar and Keysville. The high school in our area is also named for Francis Scott Key.) Learn more about Francis Scott Key and The Star-Spangled Banner at the Flag House and Star-Spangled Banner Museum web site.
Where is Terra Rubra Lions Club located, and where do you operate?
We're based in Keysville, MD, where we primarily serve the local rural communities of Keysville, Keymar, Bruceville, Rocky Ridge, Detour, Ladiesburg, and Middleburg, but we also hold functions and conduct service projects in other nearby areas. We also own and operate a beautiful Activities Building and softball park at 6300 Middleburg Road in nearby Middleburg, MD. See GoogleMap™ of Keysville. See GoogleMap™ of our facility in Middleburg Park.
When and where does Terra Rubra Lions Club meet?
We meet at 6:30 PM on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month at our Middleburg activities building.
What does your club do?
We are proud to fulfill the Lions motto of We Serve through a wide range of activities and projects that improve and enrich our community. Just a few of the services we offer are:
  • Awarding scholarships to graduating high school seniors
  • Sponsoring youth athletic programs
  • Subsidizing vision care for local families in need
  • Offering free-of-charge loans of hospital and convalescent equipment
  • Promoting blood drives and diabetes awareness efforts
  • Encouraging patriotism and citizenship in youngsters through poster and essay contests
  • Providing assistance to our neighbors in need through work projects
  • Holding open activities for the community, such as an Easter Egg Hunt and hosting an annual visit from Santa
  • Supporting the national and international service campaigns of Lions Clubs International
How do you raise the money to support your programs?
Terra Rubra Lions Club supports our service programs through year-round fund-raising events. We hold crab-feeds, basket bingos, a Daytona 500 Party, a charity golf tournament, raffles, a "1200 Club," and other functions. Of course, we also accept direct donations.
Are my donations tax-deductible?
The Terra Rubra Lions Club Charities, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity as designated by the IRS. Donations made to this organization should be deductible on your federal and state income tax. Individual situations vary, though, so we recommend that you consult your tax professional to be certain.
Does all of the money you raise go to service projects?
Naturally, there are some operating expenses associated with our activities (building maintenance, utilities, office supplies, etc.). However, we are required by Lions Clubs International to keep these administrative expenses completely separate from the funds that support our service programs, and to state plainly if any funds that we raise are intended to pay for club expenses. The bottom line is that unless we say otherwise up-front, ALL funds that we raise are used to support our service programs.
Can the public use your activities building?
Yes, our facilities are available to rent for private functions and gatherings. Our Activities Building has a maximum capacity of 260 persons, and is handicapped-accessible. Please send inquiries to us through our Feedback Page.
Other Details ...
Terra Rubra Lions Club #8949 belongs to Zone I of Region IV of District 22-W of Lions Clubs International. District 22W is part of Multiple District 22. Other Lions Clubs in our Zone include:
Have other questions?
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