Shrimp-Chicken-Bull Dinner
Daytona 500 Party

Daytona Party

Join us for a super dinner - shrimp, chicken, and beef with all the trimmings - and you're invited to join us for the opening of the NASCAR season as we watch the race on our HUGE 8-FOOT PRJECTION HD TVs!

Location Terra Rubra Ballpark • 6300 Middleburg Road, Middleburg, MD
Date Sunday, February 19, 2023
Time 12:00 Noon - 6:00 PM. Hot buffet closes at 3:00 PM; munchies and beverages available all day!
Price $25 per ticket advance sale
Price includes A dinner of fried and steamed shrimp, beef, fried chicken, home-made crab soup, hot dogs & kraut, baked beans, slaw, chips, pickles, lunch meats, soft drinks, beer, and desserts.
Other stuff Drawings, pools, silent auction, small games of chance, raffles, 50/50 drawing
For Tickets or Information Call (443) 918-8566 or
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