Terra Rubra Lions Club District 22W 2010 Patriotic Essay Contest

Winner, Elementary School Category

What America Means to Me by Christian I., New Midway Elementary School

[Christian's essay has been lightly edited for spelling and punctuation, but the thoughts are entirely original.]

What does America mean to me? America means to be free. Here in America I have freedom. To practice religion. Unlike other countries that can only practice one religion. When I turn 18 I have the freedom to vote in an election to have a say in the person that I want to lead our government and military. I have freedom to say what I want, and express my feelings. I cannot explain how good we have it here in America. Sometimes I think we take advantage of it. Some people could only dream of how good we have it. It feels good knowing that if I or one of my friends get in an accident we can get health care. I can go to school free of charge, because our government has established an economy far more complex and reliable than any other nation. While some kids might not even have their choice or chance to go to school. Some people still come to America to prosper and have freedom. That's how America really is. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a different country not having freedom and all the good things I have. America is so diverse that if you like to live in arctic or tropic you can live where you want and still have freedom. Another great thing is you don't have to be native to America to be an American. You can come here legally and become a citizen and still get the freedom that someone who was born an American has. So being such a large country we have an almost endless supply of natural resources, but other countries that have a small amount of land they have to buy their resources. America has fertile soil that we can grow more food than we need, to supply other countries. There are many more reasons that America is such a great country to live in. America is the best county in my eyes. In conclusion America is the land of freedom of endless pride but most of America means home to me.

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